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“If I Were a Pony” has won awards in over 60 International film Festivals in the categories of Best Children’s Short Film; Best Animated Short Film; Best Music Video; Best Original Song; Best Family/Children’s Film; and more.

The story behind this film is that in 2021 Leonard wrote his children’s book “If I Were a Pony” (see Books by Len) and dedicated it to his then 7-year-old granddaughter, Hannah.

Next he wrote a song based on that book, and in 2023 his granddaughter Hannah, then 9-years-old, went into the studio and recorded that song. From that recording he produced this video which went on to win Film Festival awards in over twenty different countries.




If I Were a Pony – Animated Music Video

In Your Arms Forever

This popular country western song was written by Leonard Eckhaus (vocals by Chas Evans). It is a beautiful tribute to lasting love and a great lifetime love affair.

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