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If I Were a Pony” has won awards in over 170 International film Festivals in the categories of Best Children’s Short Film; Best Animated Short Film; Best Music Video; Best Original Song; Best Family/Children’s Film; and more.

The story behind this film is that in 2021 Leonard wrote his children’s book “If I Were a Pony” (see Books by Len) and dedicated it to his then 7-year-old granddaughter, Hannah.

Next, he wrote a song based on that book, and in 2023 his granddaughter Hannah, then 9-years-old, went into the studio and recorded that song. From that recording he produced this video which went on to win Film Festival awards in over forty different countries.




If I Were a Pony – Animated Music Video

In Your Arms Forever

This popular country western song was written by Leonard Eckhaus (vocals by Chas Evans). It is a beautiful tribute to lasting love and a great lifetime love affair.

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The Ice Cream Man

There is a new Good Humor ice cream truck driver. A young boy is missing. He was last seen talking to an ice cream truck driver. The main suspect is one of the mechanics working for Good Humor. As the police search for him, they find the boy, unharmed and capture the real criminal.

The Rhythms Never End

The Earth is Created. It is day number one. The Rhythms Never End is a series of short poems about creation. It is about all the gifts mankind has been given and the rhythms of night and day, the rhythms of life, the seasons, the oceans and more. All with the promise of peace and love, which man sometimes abuses, but for which he is always forgiven.

Fit for a King

An eight-year-old girl falls asleep, exhausted, after her birthday party and finds herself in a fantasy world of witches, castles, kings and queens. It all seems so real and maybe, just maybe, it was.

The Snow Day

When his school closes for a Snow day, young Tommy Shields decides to earn some money shoveling snow off the sidewalks of his neighbor’s homes. What happens when he knocks on the door of Mr. Owen Windsor, is an experience that shapes his entire life.

The Leprechaun and the Rainbow

Little Shaun, the leprechaun, lives in Fairyland. Like all the other leprechauns, he has buried a pot of gold and is cursed to stand guard over it until a righteous man comes to find it, Only then will Little Shaun be free to go home.