Leonard I. Eckhaus

Award-Winning Author, Grammy-Nominated Music Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

More About Len

Leonard I. Eckhaus is a multifaceted artist renowned for his contributions to children’s literature and music. As the founder of AFCOM, the leading association for Data Center Managers for over forty years, he established a profound presence within the computer industry where he was recognized by his peers and the media for his leadership in data center management. Today, it is his passion for creating magical experiences for young minds that truly defines his artistic journey.

“There is an enchanted place in the mind and imagination of every child.

And this place is filled with magic and color and seashells and strings, and

all manner of innocence, peace and love. And it is to this place that I write

my books and songs – for the children, and for everyone else willing to

open their hearts and souls to their inner child.”

Leonard I. Eckhaus