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My Journey: Lessons I've Learned Along the Way: The Memoirs of Leonard I. Eckhaus

Number 4 on UK Talk Radio’s List of the top 10 must-read books of 2021.

A look back on the author’s life including what it was like growing up in the 1950’s; historical events he actually witnessed; what success in life really is and how to achieve it; the things that will make you happy; the great successes and perhaps even greater failures he has encountered, and most importantly, the lessons he learned from them. He also takes you through his careers in the computer industry and more currently, in the music field. A book that started out as an ancestry primer for his descendants – a book he would write as a gift to his grandchildren’s children, and beyond, providing them a bit more sense of where they came from than he had, quickly grew to encompass his thoughts, beliefs and advice on such diverse areas as happiness, success, one’s obligations to those close to you and to all of mankind, the legacies we inherit and the legacy we pass on, God and religion, the love and celebration of life, how hard work and persistence pay off in the long run, that everyone is indeed created equal, charity and why it is so important, and the aging process itself as he is experiencing it.

Grinza’s Orchard: An Enchanted Tale

Number 1 Amazon Best Seller; Maincrest Media Book Award Winner; Over 15 5-Star Reader Reviews

Grinza’s Orchard is the story of a Gypsy girl growing up in the early 1900’s in Romania. At five years old she is gifted her own cherry tree and it becomes the centerpiece of the story as she grows up dreaming of one day having her own full-blown cherry orchard. To deal with some of the problems that she faces such as an unwanted boy who is attracted to her, a terribly hard decision she has to make to save her parents from illness during the coldest winter on record in their village, achieving her life’s dream of having her own cherry orchard and then suddenly losing it, she seeks help with visits to the witch Auntie Angelina and the Guru Sylvanus, who lives in a cave atop a nearby mountain. The story follows Grinza, her husband Clopin, and their children’s lives in the small gypsy village of Cojasca.

You will fall in love with Grinza…
Laugh with her as she is willing to try anything to get rid of her freckles… cry with her as she gives up her greatest possession to save her parents… cheer for her as she reaches her lifelong dream… and follow her as she grows up, gets married and has children of her own.

An Enchanted tale for children of all ages from 8 to 100.

If I Were A Pony

Winner, Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence; Reader’s Favorite Five-Star Award; Honorable Mention, 11 Book fairs globally including New York City, Paris, London, Los Angeles and more;  and Creative Child Magazine’s 2021 Book of the year.

A beautiful story of enduring friendship makes this early reader a captivating book for families to share.

“If I Were a Pony is a story about a boy and his pony going through life together; a love story of two ‘friends’ who live together and grow old together, sharing nuzzles and gallops and those long rides together that make life worth living. The story is very sweet and touched my heart ” –Jeri Crawford, Chairman of the Board, Las Vegas Philharmonic

Dare to Imagine: A Magical, Whimsical Journey

Received Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence, Maincrest Media Book Award and a Book Excellence Award

Dare to Imagine is a cornucopia of children’s poems, songs and fables designed to engage curiosity, conversation and create a sense of belonging.

Kids will follow along with the kitten Patches as she makes a new friend and experiences the importance of heeding her mother’s advice. And they’ll meet Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, and learn how she taught all the other stars to shine brightly and light up the sky every night.

They will also go on an adventure with Darby, who rides a trolley car and marches in a parade. And go on a journey to an ancient castle to meet a king and queen, and learn about blackbird pie.

Each poem and fable thoughtfully parallels events and activities all younger children experience in their own lives, and the included questions create fun, enlightening and sometimes silly conversations for the whole family, or classroom!

Dare to Imagine is a slam-dunk addition to your family library, and the perfect gift for the kiddos or teachers in your life!